Street View 360 Photography

Sanctuary 9 Media is a Trusted Google Street View Photography service, providing a premiere 360 Photosphere photography service in the heart of Warwickshire. We also take advantage of the Google Local Guides program and have achieved a high rating. This means the content we upload is given a higher trust rating and therefore a better SEO value by Google.

What is Google Street View Photography?

Google maps allow you to see a location or road at street level and navigate it as if you were there. Photospheres are a special kind of photograph that allow you to turn and look in any direction. As if you were standing at the position of the camera.


Why is it important for a business?

Any business wishing to rank highly in Google search results needs a valid Google My Business listing.

Google Street view images help in two ways:

Firstly Google rewards content. So Street View images significantly boost your Search Engine Optimisation score.

Secondly businesses with Street View Tours are 45% more likely to be clicked on and twice as likely to convert into an on site visit by a potential customer than those without, greatly increasing your potential customer engagement. (Source)

What is the difference between Standard and High Definition 360 images?

Google Street view allows for a range of image resolutions. Most of the images taken by Google are at the lower end of the range. We offer two types of image.

Standard 360 images are captured using a purpose made 360 camera. The image quality is as good or better than Googles own street view images. The advantage of this system is that it is quicker to capture images and provides a more affordable option.

High Definition, High Dynamic Range 360 images are captured using a conventional DSLR camera. These take a lot longer to do than the standard images, but produce considerably better quality results than the standard images. These are ideal for situations where you really want to capture the detail of a particular space or area of your business. They are also the best option for low light areas.

How long does it take?

Naturally it depends on the size of your business and how many photos you need, but as a rule Standard 360 images take a few minutes to capture, HD images take around 20 minutes depending on light conditions.

We aim to have your images online within 5 working days of our site visit. A standard package shoot will be online within 48 hours

What does it cost?

Standard package

£200+VAT and includes:

  • A health check on your Google My Business listing and help to set one up if needed
  • 5 Standard quality 360 images
  • 2 Conventional High Quality photographs
  • Your business logo on the nadir of each photosphere. (This is the small area at the bottom of the image used to hide the camera tripod)
  • All images uploaded and linked to your business on Google Maps

Additional Standard 360 images

£50 + VAT per lot of 5

Additional High Definition 360 images

£50 + VAT each

Additional Conventional Photography

£25 + VAT per lot of 2

Google Street View Photography

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